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12:53 the Online casino paid screening intellectual property Protection in Russia remains at an unsatisfactory level, follows from the annual report of the U.S. Trade representative. Among the main problems are referred to as the number of counterfeit goods, the lack of transparency of collective management societies for copyright and related rights, ineffectiveness of the fight against piracy.

In particular, continues to grow the number of pirated copies of movies display of Russian origin from 63 in 2016 to 78 in 2017., US trade representative (USTR) released its latest report on the state of the market of intellectual property in more than 30 countries. Russia has traditionally been included in the list of priority observations, together with Algeria, Indonesia, Kuwait, China and other countries.

Among the main problems in USTR, as a year ago, noted the continuing increase in the number of on-screen copies of movies. The number of “ekrano” made in Russia in 2017 amounted to 78 compared to 63 in 2016, and 26 in 2015. The number of screen copies is growing, confirms the Deputy Director of the Department of intellectual property protection of the company Group-IB Dmitry Turkin.

  • This is due to the transition from the informal model, where perpetrators have mostly shot “ekranki” for themselves and in rare cases-for-sale to the centralized system of buying movies from the movie theaters, he said
  • The price of pirated video ranges from $200 to $450, making the “natural” appearance of people who are always ready to make films in cinemas
  • Attracts offenders and the lack of punishment, said Mr Tonkin: even if a person is caught red-handed, law enforcement agencies often do not bring him to justice

The General Director of a network “Karo” Olga Sinyakova recognizes the problem with the spread of pirated copies of movies. “There are times when they are in the network before the official release, which affects fees, and makes it part of the income as cinemas and film distributors,” she says. A law blocking “mirrors” of pirate websites came into force in October 2017, so to judge the results yet, but “given the current figures, it is obvious that this measure is not enough,” says Mrs.

Siniakova. In “Caro” insist

that casino tips online casino the responsibility for the dissemination of illegal content should be assigned to the end user, and not just on providers and sites. In addition to piracy are important problems in USTR called the lack of transparency of collective management societies for copyright and related rights, the complexity of the procedures for the protection of intellectual property for rights holders and distribution of Chinese counterfeit goods imported from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan. The situation with distribution of counterfeit goods “catastrophic around the world,” said Director General of the legal company BrandMonitor Yuri Kopilov.

In Russia, according to the trade Ministry, every third counterfeit goods of light industry, and, according to the study BrandMonitor to buy counterfeit finished almost 90% of Russians. “While consumers will tolerate such goods, counterfeiting cannot win,” concludes Mr. Vopilov.

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